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College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
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Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor)

This major cultivate the students who have development in virtue, wisdom, and body, and also have solid foundation, wide knowledge, strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality, good occupation morals personality, a strong sense of social responsibility. The students engage in machinery production, marketing, service, application, maintenance and preliminary design capacity, and also have solid grasp of engineering basic knowledge and professional knowledge, strong engineering quality and engineering practice ability. They will become the machinery engineering talents with international vision and team cooperation ability, and they can adapt to the machinery, transportation, construction, water conservancy, military, energy development, and infrastructure construction engineering fields.

Mechanical engineering major establishes a practice teaching system and theory teaching system “platform + module" in order to cultivate students engineering practice, innovation ability, and practical ability. In the four years students have reached a year practice teaching. The department invites the enterprise engineering and technical personnel to the school teaching. The students complete the practice teaching corresponding in enterprises. The major sets the general three education, professional education, and engineering practice platform.

After graduation students can engage in mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing, product marketing, service, application, maintenance and other industrial fields, and also engage in a variety of mechanical production technology, equipment, manufacturing system, mechanical system, management and other aspects of the work; or engage in teaching, research work in colleges and universities, or scientific research institutions. And they also apply for master degree in the relevant professional fields.

Main courses: advanced mathematics, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, university Physics, mechanical drawing, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, electrical and electronic technology, mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing technology, hydraulic transmission, interchangeability and measuring technology, mechanical engineering, and control engineering training base.

Duration: four years.

Professional consultation teacher Chen, 137668722168802876


Mechatronic Engineering (Bachelor Degree)

This major is a crossing discipline which based on the Mechanical Manufacturing, and integrating of electronic technique, computer science, material science, IT and automatic control technology. The discipline which can work in the modern engineering field with the application of advanced theories and methods to solve the complex problems, and achieve the intelligent design and manufacture of the electronic products, and will play an important role in the technical field of machinery, automation, automotive, electronics, and information and so on.

This major brings up one kind of complex and innovative talents. The ones who have solid theoretical teaching and practice of innovation, with the training of high-quality and strong ability of engineering practice,master the basic theory of mechanics, electronics, control, information, computer applications and other aspects of professional knowledge and basic skills.And who also have the ability to engage in the production line of scientific research, design, development and operation of the management and operation of mechanical and electrical equipment sales, such as mechanical and electrical products systems and component, industrial control automation, automotive, electronics, information and other fields of application of diversified.

The graduates could obtain the works in the fields of industrial machinery, mechanical and electrical products, automobiles, etc., and will qualified for research, design and develop, management and business operation of mechanical & electrical equipment, further education would be also available.

Main Courses: Mechanical Drawing, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Basis of Mechanical Designing, Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, CNC Technology, Electrical Control and PLC, Fundamentals of Mono-Chip Computers & Applications, Integrates light system interface technology, Electrical Transmission and Control.


Qualification Awarded:BachelorofEngineering

Contact: Mr. Wei 13946009531 88627838


Machine Design Manufacture and Automation

The specialty is the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" key specialities in Heilongjiang province, the first group experimental specialty of the Ministry of education "Excellence Engineer Education Program"  and the second group experimental specialty of the Ministry of education " CDIO Engineering Education Model", “Application Oriented Institutes” experimental specialty of Heilongjiang Province, and “Innovative Experimental Areas of Personnel Training Mode” experimental specialty of Heilongjiang Province.

 The specialty on the basis of mechanical manufacturing technology ,integrating with Computer Science, Material Science, Information Technology, Automatic Control Technology, has become one mainstay specialty. The specialty solves complex technical problems in the field of modern engineering by applying theories and methods of advanced manufacturing technology, in order to realize intelligent product design and manufacturing. The specialty plays an important role in Process of Mechanical - Electronic Products and Manufacturing Technology, Machinery and Equipment, Automobile Manufacturing, Robotics, Mechanical and Electrical Control and Automation, and other areas of the industrial technology.

The specialty cultivates moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics,all-round development, solid foundation, wide knowledge, strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality, innovative, systematically master the basic theory of mechanical design, manufacturing, automation, professional knowledge and basic skills, applied, compound, and innovative senior specialized talents. The students can be employed in production line and get the ability and quality of design and manufacture, application and development, production and equipment operation management, product after-sales service and basic engineer’s training.

Graduates can work in machinery manufacturing, automotive, materials, mechanical and electrical equipment and other industrial fields, can be engaged in scientific research and development, design and teaching, production and management, product after-sales service work and so on, can also be related professional postgraduate student.

Main Courses: Advanced Math, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Physics of University, Mechanical Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Electrotechnics and Electronics, Machine Design Foundation, Foundations of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, Hydraulic Drive Control, Interchangeability and Technical Measurement, Mechanical Engineering Control Basic, Fine and Ultra-Precision Manufacturing Technology, Numerical Control Technology, Electric Control and PLC Technology, Mechanical System Design, Diesel Engine Principle and Structure, Construction Machinery Chassis and Working Device, Construction Machinery Electrical Equipment.

Length of schooling: Four years.

Professional teachers: Teacher Chen, 13766872216 88028761


Energy and power engineering

Energy and power engineering is a basic industry of nation, and be applied in many fields, such as industry, agriculture, transportation and national defense. Modern energy and power engineering already is a high and new technology, contains thermotics, mechanics, electricity, materials, machinery manufacture, environment, computer and information, automatic control and systematic engineering.

Objective of energy and power engineering is to train professionals that master professional theory knowledge and practice ability, and can engage in works that traditional energy transformation and utilization, new energy development, thermal engine, thermal power and automation, energy saving and environmental protection, refrigeration and cryoengineering.

The major provides wide range professional courses and effective scientific practice for students.

Graduates can word in many field, such as electric power, power, air-condition and refrigeration, energy and chemical industry, natural air and gas transmission and distribution, renewable energy development, thermal engine and automotive engineering. Graduates also can do engineering design, product development, teaching, manufacture, detection and plan in colleges and universities, research institutes, armies, etc. Graduates may proceed to the degree of master and the degree of doctor.

Main courses: mechanical drawing, mechanical design, engineering thermodynamics, heat transfer, engineering fluid mechanics, electrical control and PLC, energy and power equipment, station boiler, thermal power plants, renewable energy, etc.

Educational system: 4 years

Degree: bachelor of engineering

Contacts: Teacher Geng 13069864821