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Department of Mathematics
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Information and Computer Science (Undergraduate)

Information and computer science is an interdiscipline composed of mathematics, computing science, and information engineering. The primary researches of this profession include the core and basis of information technology, and the mathematical theory and method of applying modern computing technology for efficient solution of scientific and engineering problems. The crossing and penetration of information science and computing science emphasizes the foundation of mathematics, and is the bridge to improve scientific research and engineering technology. This profession aims to provide a high-level quality-oriented education, not only a professional education. Information and computing science is based on mathematics, takes information as the research object, and uses computers as the research tools. It trains highly qualified specialists that have acute mathematical thinking and good mathematical quality, master the basic theory, methods and skills of computing and computing science, and are able to solve the practical problems in the field of information processing and scientific and engineering computing.

Core curriculum: Mathematical analysis, Advanced algebra, Analytic geometry, Probability and mathematical statistics, Complex function and integral transform, Real analysis, Functional analysis, Ordinary differential equation, Discrete mathematics, Numerical analysis, Operational research, C language programming, Data structure, Information theory and coding, etc.

Length of schooling: Four years.

Degree: Bachelor of science degree.

Professional consultation: Mr Liu, 18745150942, 88627972