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Surveying and Mapping Engineering College
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Major of Surveying and Mapping Engineering(graduate)

      The major of Surveying and Mapping is a National Characteristic Specialty, one of the first batches of the Program for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers (PETOE) of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China (MOE), Heilongjiang provincial key specialty of The Eleventh and The Twelfth Five-Year Plan, and a pilot project of provincial characteristic construction of Application-oriented Institutions. It belongs to a Heilongjiang provincial key discipline of The Eleventh and The Twelfth Five-Year Plan. It has a National Practice Base Outside School for College Students and a National and Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center-Surveying Experimental Teaching Center, a Modern Surveying Technology Laboratory which is a co-construction laboratory with Leica compony, Digitized Surveying Laboratories and more than 20 Professional Practice Bases.

This major is set to raise application-oriented experts of Surveying and Mapping in the field of surveying geographic information, architecture, metallurgy, geo-exploring and transportation. The graduates are capable of surveying geographic information system designing, field construction, organizing and management. They can take part as team player or team leader in a multi-mixed project and do their job perfectly. They are well-behaved and have professional morality,and they are very competitive at the job market. More important, they can take a life-time learning to expand their knowledge and capability as well as the ability and awareness of severing the whole society.

Major of Geographic Information Science(graduate)

      The major of Geographic Information Science belongs to a Heilongjiang provincial key discipline of The Twelfth Five-Year Plan. It has a provincial university key lab- Spatial Geographic Comprehensive Laboratory, a university-enterprise co-construction GIS Technology Research and Development Center, GIS labs and more than 10 Professional Practice Bases.

It raises well-based, high comprehensive quality graduates who are very good at further development with innovation. They have the basic knowledge, theory and skills of surveying, geographic information system, and cartography, which gives them the ability of spatial data based collecting, analyzing, processing, software system developing and maintenance in the field of city construction, regional resources, agricultural information, environment, transportation, population, real estate, land resources, surveying, planning and management of city infrastructure. They are supposed to be application-oriented experts of production, settlement, update and application of basic spatial data.

Major of Remote Sensing Science and Technology(graduate)

      The major of Remote Sensing Science and Technology belongs to a Heilongjiang provincial key discipline of The Twelfth Five-Year Plan. It has a university-enterprise co-construction Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Simulation Laboratory, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Laboratory and more than 10 Professional Practice Bases.

It raises well-based, wide range knowledge, high comprehensive quality graduates with the spirit of innovation. They have the theory and knowledge of satellite remote sensing platform, sensor technology, information acknowledge, remote sensing data processing, multi-sensor data fusion, automatic image interpretation technology and simulation technology, as well as the digital mapping, cartography, graphics processing, spatial localization and designing of geographic information system, they are capable of stereo mapping, single image mapping, graphics processing, information acknowledge, project management. They can take part in national economic departments of the national basic surveying and mapping, city engineering construction, exploration and development of mineral resources, investigation and management of land resources, geographical condition monitoring, environmental protection and disaster prevention as application-oriented experts in photogrammetry and remote sensing.