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黑龙江工程学院2018年留学生招生简章2018 Heilongjiang Institute of Technology International Student Admissions Guide
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        Introduction to Heilongjiang Institute of Technology

        Heilongjiang Institute of Technology, situated in the scenic famous northern city Harbin and founded in 1952, is a provincial full-time engineering-based, multi-disciplinary undergraduate institute, which is jointly established by the National Science and Technology Bureau for National Defense and Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government, listed among the first batch of implementing universities of Ministry of Education's “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Project”, 100 demonstration universities of the Education Modernization Promoting Project – University of Applied Sciences Construction Program by the National Development and Reform Committee and the Ministry of Education, and the implementing universities of National College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program, being the vice chair of the Association of National Universities (Colleges) of Applied Sciences and the vice chair of University-Industry Outstanding Engineers Education Alliance for Local Universities Nationwide. Our institute always adheres to the positioning of "Localization, Application-Orientation and Internationalization".
        Our campus occupies an area of 800,000 square meters. The institute recruits students nationwide. There are more than 12,000 full-time undergraduate students and more than 60 foreign students. There are more than 1,300 faculty members, including nearly 800 full-time teachers. The institute currently contains 16 teaching units (including colleges and departments), covering 54 undergraduate majors in subjects such as engineering, management, literature, science, law, economics, and arts.
        The institute actively promotes international education exchanges and technical cooperation, having established friendly relationship with more than 30 universities and institutions in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and other countries; reached agreement for mutual assignment of international students and visiting scholars; launched international cooperative education program with Greenwich University in Britain, Western Illinois University in the U.S., Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Finland; developed joint research and development projects with Belarusian National Technical University and exchanged undergraduate students with Karelia University of Applied Sciences etc.
        Our university began to recruit international students in 2013, which number reached 60 in 2016. The university established the College of International Education to specifically be responsible for the enrollment and cultivation of international students. The college has a professional teaching, management and service team to provide a full range of services for international students, and is committed to making every international student successful.
        The university owns an international student apartment, which can accommodate more than 200 people. The international student dormitory room is a double room. The room has a TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, hot water shower. The kitchen of the student residence is equipped with an induction cooker and microwave oven, and the laundry room is equipped with a fully automatic washing machine and other living facilities.  The university has good teaching, living facilities and an elegant campus environment. We sincerely welcome students from all over the world to come to our university.
        International Student Admissions Program
        Undergraduate International Student Program

        After completing all the courses and passing the exams, students can obtain an undergraduate diploma; If they meet the qualifications of the degree, they can obtain a bachelor's degree certificate.
        The university adopts a double semester system: the first semester is from September to January, and the second semester is from February to July.
        If international student has a good foundation of the Chinese language (reaching the level HSK-4 or above) at the time of enrollment, she or he can directly enter the relevant Chinese-speaking classes and study with Chinese students after the student's application and the school's examination and approval.
        If international student’s Chinese language level does not meet the entry requirements at the time of enrollment, she or he needs to strengthen Chinese language ability in the first year. After reaching the level HSK-4 in the third semester and if hoping to study in other majors, international student can enter the first-year Chinese students' classes, after the application by student in person and the review by the university.


The list of specific majors open for international students is as follows:

        Chinese Language Advancement Program

        Chinese Language Learning Long-term Project (More Than 6 Months)
        The program aims at developing students' Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The course study time lasts generally from 1 semester to 2 years. According to the Chinese level of the students, they are divided into different classes, and the number of students in each class is generally 10-30. The main courses include: Comprehensive Chinese, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Listening, HSK Intensive Training, Chinese Culture, Business Chinese/Scientific Chinese. Students who take all the courses and pass all the exams can obtain a certificate of study upon completion of the course.
        Chinese Language Learning Short-term Project (Less Than 6 Months)
        This program is a short-term study program designed for students who want to understand Chinese culture and learn Chinese. Generally, they are conducted during winter vacation or summer vacation. The course usually lasts 1-4 weeks. In the course setting, the morning is usually a Chinese oral and Chinese listening course, and the afternoon is an elective course or a visit. Elective courses include Chinese culture, martial arts, Chinese folk music, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, etc. Visiting places include factories, museums, cultural attractions and historical sites in Harbin and surrounding cities.

        三、 申请指南
        Application Guide
        Application Conditions

        Undergraduate Program
        Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens who hold valid foreign passports and abide by Chinese laws and regulations, university discipline, have good moral character and respect for the customs of the Chinese people. Applicants for studying in China must have a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for 4 years or more, and have a record of actually living abroad for more than 2 years in the last 4 years (before April 30 of the school year). The actual foreign residence for 9 months in a year can be calculated as one-year, subject to the entry and exit signatures).
        Applicants should be of good health, proper behavior, abide by Chinese laws, regulations and university rules and regulations;
        Applicants should be high school graduates or above (or equivalent) with good grades;
        Applicants for undergraduate degree programs should generally be under 30 years of age;
        The Chinese level should be above the new HSK level 4;
        Students who choose to major in economics or science and engineering must have a certain mathematical foundation.
         Chinese Language Program
        Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens who hold valid foreign passports and abide by Chinese laws and regulations, university discipline, have good moral character and respect for the customs of the Chinese people. Applicants for studying in China must have a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for 4 years or more, and have a record of actually living abroad for more than 2 years in the last 4 years (before April 30 of the school year). The actual foreign residence for 9 months in a year can be calculated as one-year, subject to the entry and exit signatures).
        Applicants should be of good health, proper behavior, abide by Chinese laws, regulations and university rules and regulations
        18 - 60 years old
        Application Start and End Time

        Every year from March 1st to June 30th (Undergraduate Program)
        Every year from March 1st to June 30th, , September 1st to December 30th (Chinese Language Program)
        Application Method

        Applicants can apply in the following ways:
        Send a scanned copy of the application materials to hgcgjxs@163.com
        Mail the application materials to: College of International Education, Heilongjiang Institute of Technology, No. 999 Hongqi Avenue, Daowai District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China, Zip Code: 150050

        (四) 申请流程
        Application Process

        Step 1: Submit the following application materials by category (for undergraduate programs):
        Students who have already graduated from high school or who are expected to graduate in the same year need to provide materials 1-7 in the Submission Materials Catalogue;
        Students who are currently studying at a foreign university need to provide materials 1-8 in the Submission Materials Catalogue;
        When students who are currently studying at a domestic university in China are transferred to our university, they need to provide items 1-9 in the Submission Materials Catalogue;
        Those who have joined the foreign nationality after being Chinese citizens need to provide materials 1-14 in the Submission Materials Catalogue;
        Except for the formal official documents (such as: high school diploma, HSK certificate), all application materials will not be returned.

        Please note: 1. Chinese language program applicants only need to provide the first item in the “Submission Materials Catalogue”;
        For underage applicants under the age of 18, you need to fill out the "Under 18-year-old Foreign Student Study Guarantee Letter in China" (Please login to the university’s website to download) to provide information about the guarantor during the study period in China.
        Step 2: The College of International Education will review the application materials and send a pre-admission notice to eligible applicants by email within 3 working days;
        Step 3: The applicant accepts the information of the admission notice and submits the corresponding registration fee (RMB or USD) to the account of the university within 10 working days;
        Step 4: The admitted student sends the scanned remittance receipt to hgcgjxs@163.com;
        Step 5: After confirming the registration fee, our university will use EMS or DHL to send the original letter of acceptance, visa application form (JW202) and registration instructions according to the mailing address provided by the applicant, please pay attention and check;
        Step 6: The applicant can apply for a study visa in China with the original letter of admission and the “JW202” form at the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) in the host country;
        Step 7: The applicant gets ready to enter the Chinese border and informs the university about the relevant information.
        Remittance information

        Account Name: 黑龙江工程学院
        账号:2300 1865 5510 5000 1723
        Account Number: 2300 1865 5510 5000 1723
        Bank: China Construction Bank - Taiping Subbranch
        Important Notice: When you pay by remittance, please be sure to give your passport number and name

        Expenses and Fees

        Apartment Accommodation Fees:

        Double Room: RMB 20/bed/day, RMB 600/bed/month (paid by semester)
        Accommodation deposit: RMB 500 yuan / person
        Water and electricity fee: 100 yuan / person / month
        Other fees:

        International student insurance: 800 yuan / year / person
        Visa extension fee: 800 yuan / year / person


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        Phone: 0086-451-88028957, 0086-451-88028913, 13836172654, 18646512632
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